Best ways to earn money in 2021 I Proven Techniques.


Friends, if you are thinking about making money from How to Start a Blog in 2021, then you have come to the right place because today we are going to tell you about the ways that we can make good money. We are going to tell you that in these ways we make money from our blog.

When we started blogging, we did not know that much about making money from blogging but gradually there was an experience in Go Blogging, then we came to know the ways in which we can make money from our blog.

Best Ways To Earn Money From Blog in 2021

Let me tell you that there are more than 100 ways to make money from blogging, but today we are going to tell you about the methods that actually earn and some of these methods we have tried ourselves, so let’s start.

Earn Money From Blog By Sponsored Post

Sponsor posts earn more money than blogging for all friends; And this is the best way we use it.

For example if you take $ 100 of sponsor posts on your blog; And now you get 10 posts in a month, then you can earn $ 1000 just by doing 10 post publications.

Although it is difficult to post a sponsor every month, but if your website is very popular and traffic comes to your blog, then you will start getting such offers automatically. When a company pays you to write a post.

Earn Money From Blog By Affiliate Marketing

Many people earn millions of rupees from affiliate marketing, and a blogger earns the most from his blog through affiliate marketing. There are many companies that give you a fixed commission on that product to promote their product service.

For example, a company is selling its product for $ 99 and to promote it; Gives up to 30% commission to someone.

You can join affiliate programs of companies related to your blog topic; And they can start promoting their products.

For example, if you use Bluehost’s affiliate program; So if a user buys a posting from your reference, you will get a $ 65 commission.


You must have heard about Google Adsense and Media.Net etc. This is the most famous platform in the matter of earning by AIDS, bloggers who do not have much knowledge of appellate marketing, such bloggers use Adsense.

Replacement can be the best way to earn money; The best part of it is that for this you do not need to find products related to the content of your blog.

E-Book Selling

Friends, you can also earn good money by selling your own E-Book; And this is an easy way you can make money in this way; And depends on the popularity of your website

Blogging is a very good way to earn money; Although we have used this method correctly so far, but are thinking of doing it in the future.

Sell Online Courses

If you can’t make Facebook, then you can make good money by creating your own video course; Whichever field you have more information; You can make a course and sell it on your blog. You will earn well by making your course.

For example, this approach is similar to affiliate marketing; The only difference is that you get full money.


Freelancing is not for everyone if you need an argent rupee; Then you can act as freelancing for another block; And there are a lot of bloggers who do not start their own block but work for others.

In this you need to write contacts for other blocks or design logos, create graphics, etc .; There are many websites that give up to $ 100 of an article for writers.

Friends, you have some advantages like this, you will not need to marry your blog; And second, you can not get the complete experience.


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