How To Start Blogging As A Career 2020 (Beginner Guide)


In this article, We will be going to tell you about the reality of Blogging. Is blogging really worth it? Trust us guys after reading this article you will get all your doubt clear and you will be able to decide. That this career option is good for you or not. You were finding the answer that how to start blogging as a career? Finally, you comprehend it.

Your were thinking Is this a good time to start blogging in 2020? Because Competition is so high. You are thinking in the right direction. Yes, blogging is pretty much competitive. But, still, you can get success in blogging.

We suggest you please read this article only if you are serious about blogging or you really want to do it. Otherwise, don’t read this article.

What Really Blogging Is?

We will not gonna give you the definition of Blogging. If you only want to make money with blogging. Your earning is the only purpose of your blogging. So let us tell you blogging is a medium to share your knowledge with your readers.

If they love your information and continuously visiting your blog frequently for the different-different queries. Only then you can say your blog is successful and only then you can generate passive income from your blog.

But the reality is It takes a good amount of time. You can not make money from the first day of your blogging.

It Depends on your Niche (the topic of your blogging) also, If your Niche is good and low competition then we might take very less amount of time. There are some popular niches:-

  • Health
  • Tech
  • fashion
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Mobile Review
  • Gadgets
  • News
  • Education
  • Policies
  • Digital Marketing

How To Choose A Blogging Niche As A Beginner?

Almost 50% to 70% New Blogger Chooses wrong Niche. Because they don’t research how competitive that Niche could be. Most of blogger choose Tech or Health that’s it.

At this they are learning blogging, on the other hand, they are writing an article on How To Start Blogging. This is completely wrong. Some blogger does not have information to share. But still, they copy-paste from other blogs. And Guys don’t just go with Government Jobs and News website as a newbie.

So, we are telling you that how you can choose your first niche in blogging. You don’t need to use any kind of SEO tool as a newbie after gaining some experience in it you can use it.

First, you should manually check keywords and check keywords search volume it must be up to 20-30k or 100k then just check Search Engine Result Pages SERP. Pages should be around 8-10 on Google.

If this condition fulfills then you can create a blog into that topic all you need to do Buy a Domain Name & Hosting. We don’t Recommend Blogger because As a newbie you can’t optimize it.

WordPress is completely newbie-friendly. You need to invest in Hosting And Domain Name. Don’t worry we will help you out.

How To Get Cheap Hosting As A Beginner?

The hosting is very important. your site must have a super-fast loading speed. hosting plays an important role in speed.

As we suffered into our first blog. We don’t want you to do this mistake again.

We would Recommend This Newbie plus Unlimited Shared Hosting Plan. If you are thinking to start a Blog then this a gift for you guys.

But you have to Buy this By Clicking This Image Given Below

After that create a blog a professional blog you can check out our blog for the idea. Then start publishing content on your blog on with on-page SEO. In starting you will not be able to get Search Engine Traffic which means organic traffic from Google. You need to share your post on social media.

Social Media is the best platform to get traffic for your brand new blog. Share on all social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Just go and use them to create your page on Facebook. The reason behind it is Facebook has authority, If you create your Page on Facebook it will surely provide value to your blog.

Because social sharing is also a part of SEO. Now lets talk about how to monetize your blog.

How To Write Article For Google Ranking (SEO Friendly)

Writing an article is not easy. Especially if you want to rank on google then you need to write a good SEO friendly article. If you don’t learn how to write an article. Then you are wasting your time and energy. People start blogging but they don’t learn which type of writing style & proper keyword stuffing ranks on google. “How To Start Blogging As A Career?”

So, you should follow these step and get ranked on the first page of google with long tail & low competition keyword.

  • Write an article approx 700-1000 words at least.
  • Your keyword must be into your title and the introduction part always prefer the first line.
  • Include your keyword into sub-headings.
  • Use helping Keyword. (learn how to use helping keywords)
  • Add Alt Attribution in Image.
  • Add your keyword to the description.
  • Use bullets, charts, tables, images & videos.
  • Use Internal links and outbound links.

How To Monetize A Blog With Google AdSense?

After sharing your blog content you will be reached at a decent amount of traffic like 100-200 per day. Then the second step you should utilize your traffic with Ad Network. Google AdSense is the best Ad publisher network.

You must know the policies of Google AdSense. You should Follow this steps.

Step 1.Create a Privacy Policy, Contact Us, About Us. Disclaimer (policy)
Step 2.Post 20-25 Articles (tips)
Step 3.Make sure your Theme is responsive & Ads Ready
Step 4.Now you can place AdSense code and Apply for AdSense.
How To Start Blogging As A Career?

sometime AdSense get disable. But don’t worry you can use propeller Ads or Pop Ads they are also good. You can use them as well.

How To Create Backlinks Advance (Off-Page SEO)

For a new blog creating a profile, links are safe and secure. You must create 5-10 profile links from a high authority website. That will increase the DA PA of your blog. After that, your blog will start ranking on low competition keyword and increase your website traffic.

If you want High DA PA profile Link List then simply comment below with email. We will give you a 10,000 Backlinks list to rank your website. And tell us you like this article “How To Start Blogging As A Career?”

Follow the steps given above and follow our blog.

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Happy Blogging !


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